Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Rush reviewed: Limbaugh made his return to radio yesterday, and John Podhoretz notes that it was a different Rush.
His bluntness was, at times, staggering. Responding to critics who had dug up a quote from 1995 about how more rich white people should go to jail for drug use and accused him of hypocrisy, Limbaugh said he had himself begun taking drugs around the same time and that "the truth of the matter is that I avoided the subject of drugs because I was keeping a secret . . . I've been doing what drug addicts do, which is keep secrets."
Later Limbaugh rambles about "being responsible for my own happiness," and being "reborn at the age of 50," making one ask, "What did they do to you?"

Perhaps the "reborn Rush" will be allow a note of humility to creep into his broadcasts, making him more tolerable for many. But will it make him less entertaining and stylish? Wait and see, and check the January Arbitron ratings.

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