Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I propose the "Let's Be Serious" Test: Okay, so the Dems were at it again last night in Iowa for another round of meaningless talking and pandering, but this time, to mid-westerners! Absent: Lieby (who has forsaken Iowa). Present only as talking heads: Kerry (from D.C.) and Edwards (also D.C.) [strangely, Lieby and Kerry both miss out on the vote on Medicare, yet Kerry is right in D.C. - this is even more interesting in light of the first question from Brokaw]:
I'm going to go to Senator Kerry, if I can, in Washington, D.C.

Senator, Hillary Clinton has already issued a press release saying that this is a Trojan horse that is designed to bring about the demise of Medicare. Do you honestly think that the AARP, that Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, for example, or Senator Dorgan of North Dakota, are determined to bring about the demise of Medicare? Because they've indicated that they support this.
Kerry sums up on the whole thing by saying:
This represents a special interest giveaway. And the headlines you saw in the newspapers the last days said, "Drug Companies Win." Now if the drug companies win, who's losing? It's the seniors in America.
So, let's get this straight, he's against the thing because it's a "special interest handout" (and in debate-speak, what isn't a "special interest handout"?), but he doesn't vote against it?! Got to love the Kerry mode of representation.

Okay, I could go on and on, but here's my real point. Why do we have to listen to Kucinich and Sharpton? I mean, Kerry is a lost-cause, but he has some money behind him and at least a snowball's chance of getting the nod. But Kuci and Sharpie are there only to pander to very small minority interests, and their platforms have zero-chance of being endorsed anywhere by anyone. Wouldn't it be great if in the middle of some bizarre speech by Sharpton if Dean just said: "Listen, I've heard enough for you. Go back to Brooklyn. You're a kook and a crook and no one is going to vote for you. You're wasting valuable time - my time - and it's about time that you get off this stage and let serious people tell this country about their viable ideas."

Wouldn't that be priceless? Of course the moment he said that, he'd be labeled a "racist" and the confederate-flag voter issue would be given new life. And Kuci - this wackjob needs to get back to his conspiracy newsletter or whatever he has and stop parading around like anyone wants to hear a single thing that comes out of that pointy head. Ambassador Braun at least doesn't speak that much so she doesn't waste as much time, but isn't she sort of an insult to women? Is this the best they can do? I understand most are waiting for Hillary, but surely someone must be more worthy of the platform.

I think I may run for president in 2008 on the platform that I shouldn't be allowed to run. I won't even need a campaign manager to fire mid-course.

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