Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Headlines: How to report this story? The New York Post might say, "New Europe: 'Old Europe Squaresville.'" The Daily News (if they know where the Czech Republic is) might write, "Czechs say, 'EU? EU Can Keep It!" National Review would no doubt slug it, "Klaus to EU: 'Quit Imminentizing the Eschaton!'" However you slice it, the Czechs don't plan to kiss much French ass in the EU:
Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Europeans are living in a "dream world" of welfare and long vacations and have yet to realize "they are not moving toward some sort of nirvana."

The Czech Republic is a candidate for European Union membership, but Mr. Klaus, who was elected president in February, made clear in an interview his distaste for the organization.

The last Czech president was a huge Zappa fan. The new one (with the same first name) appears to have a knack for the sport of indoor French bashing. Perhaps non-mealy-mouthed politicians could be a growth export industry for the Czechs.

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