Monday, November 17, 2003

Justice: The New Hampshire decision makes little logical sense, of course, but then logic has never been the hole card of the marriage defenders. Funny, the theme seems to be that if we just don't admit it, then it can't happen. If we just say that adultery can't happen when the spouse runs off with a same-sex participant, then it must be true. But if that isn't just as unfaithful as running off with a man, then the word loses all meaning. If Jacobs says that marriage is needed to make opposites attract, then I guess he was asleep during puberty. Marriage is not about producing offspring, it's about two people deciding they want to solidify their status vis-a-vis the outside world. Like Eno has said on numerous occasions, the government shouldn't have any role in that personal decision. Well, this is old hat, but disturbing nonetheless. Keep your heads buried, just make sure you cover your rear as well. You never know when some guy will want to make you his wife.

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