Friday, November 21, 2003

It's a fair (second) cop: When not busy kowtowing to Bush's every demand (do I need the sarcasm codes?), Blair actually gets some work done at home. He just got over the final hurdle in revoking the "double jeopardy" law that has for centuries protected those acquitted of crimes from being re-tried on the same charge later in time.

It will only apply to bench trials, and only for certain crimes like murder, rape, and armed robbery. Also, you need compelling new evidence, such as the now ubiquitous DNA test. I think it makes sense as DNA is changing the name of the game, and because it's so unassailable (save for lab error), you're a fool not to open up a trial if you can clearly tie someone to the crime.

The issue of overturning jury trials, was indeed a sticky wicket, and left, perhaps for another day.

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