Thursday, November 13, 2003

Pride goeth before the fall: I think that's the 11th Commandment or something. Anyway, in the category of "never saw it coming" Judge Moore is given the boot. He's now free to make the rounds at revival tents everywhere. Clearly, that is where he belongs.

Nonetheless, complaints were made:
On Thursday, some of Moore's supporters promised to file suit over the chief justice's removal, saying his ouster overturned the will of those who elected him to office.

"Our vote is being negated," said Bob Jewitt, a media coordinator for the Christian Defense Coalition.
Umm, yeah, see, just because you're an elected official it doesn't mean you can flaunt the Constitution. You could vote in a candidate whose sole platform was to put Jews into "education camps" but that doesn't mean he gets to do it.

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