Tuesday, November 25, 2003

TMQ to the NFL: In a move that has stunned industry insiders, TMQ is heading over to NFL.com, where his weekly column will now be featured, as of well...now.

Odd place to land, I must admit. It's not like the NFL is known for its loosey-goosey approach to projecting its image (or the commentary thereon). But, on the other hand, at least the NFL isn't owned by Disney (it isn't, right? at least not yet, I think), so Gregg should feel free to lambaste Eisner at will.

MORE: Here's an article from a Buffalo newspaper commenting on the move. Easterbrook says, in reference to his new masters:
"They told me to keep it the way it is," he said, "so the pictures of cheerleaders - and also some beefcake, pictures of shirtless football players - will continue, along with asides about physics, politics and all the zany stuff that's part of TMQ."

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