Thursday, January 30, 2003

Strange Bedfellows: Not much blogging today or tomorrow. Big trial on Monday. Big motion due tomorrow. Anyway, when you align with Syria on anything, you can pretty much just lay down on the tracks. You know, I can oddly enough respect Germany for its stance. Schroeder did what he had to in order to get elected. But, in any event, no one really wants Germany to start getting up on its governor vis-a-vis war mobilization. I think most of Europe would get nervous. But France just looks more and more stupid. I'm starting to buy into they have something to hide, a la my earlier comment on some post I read. They're happy to take over in their fomer colonies (Ivory Coast), but heaven forbid they help anyone else out. As for your much earlier comment concerning my time in France. I lived in a fairly cosmopolitan city about two hours from Paris (by slow train, only 1 via TGV). The city didn't seem to have a particular bent on politics. Maybe I was too busy with other activities, but I did tend to watch a fair amount of news and other t.v., and I don't remember a lot of editorializing about imperialism. Dunno. Maybe Chirac is desperate like Schroeder.

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