Friday, January 31, 2003

And Another Thing: Godammit, I've read poetry. I'm not proud of that. Just thought I'd mention it. Didn't poets previously admire the greats? Homer, perhaps? Dante? Milton? (Hell, the only classical poet you hear anything of in college anymore is Sappho, and then only becuase she was alternatively inclined, sexually.) Now who do they admire? Bob Dylan. I never had a poetry prof who wasn't gaga over Dylan. This is called expanding the canon. (I find this horribly confusing, since the important thing about poetry today is that it must not, under any circumstances, rhyme. Dylan, oddly, never passed up a 10-for-a-dollar rhyme to avoid having to think beyond moon-June-spoon stuff. In fact, Dylan's emphasis leans so heavily on simple rhyme that the meter blows and the tenor is laughably pseudo-enigmatic, all because he refused to rhyme anything more complicated than "you" and "do.") That aside, I'm sure that NPR, which joyously reported this news with absolutely no attempt at balance, will put some of the awful anti-war doggerel they read this morning, as part of the story, onto the Morning Edition website. Enjoy!

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