Tuesday, January 28, 2003

"Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys": Thanks again to Arts and Letters Daily. Nice piece on hating the French and the other Europeans (but mostly the French). Funny, when I lived there (and this was winter/spring 1992 - so just after we got done in Iraq), I never heard a word about American imperialism either in the news or in conversations. You know how we have "Outback" and "LoneStar" steakhouses? Well, they have the same thing, only its usually in a "Wild West" type deal. They are infatuated with their idea of the U.S., which admittedly, doesn't comport to reality. Likewise, they don't all play accordians, and sit around in striped shirts with berets. They do all smoke, but this is common to Europe (although that's starting to change). Nonetheless, I don't think that they reject us because they don't agree with us. They reject us because they can no longer be like us (Napoleon having been their last shot at hegemony). One wonders when the U.S. will be thumbing its nose at Australia as it imposes its will on the U.N. Security Council. USA Today headline: "G'day?! Goddamn!"

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