Friday, January 31, 2003

Krauthammer: He makes a lot of points that others have made recently, so it's not breaking news that the UN is irrelevant, Iraq is bad, etc. But he writes it so damn well, with his inimitable optimistic cynicism. here he is on the supposed need for us to have another UN resolution authorizing force:
These protestations are ritual, and mindless. How would the vote of Syria, member of both the Security Council and the State Department's list of terrorist states, confer legitimacy on America's actions? Or the vote of China? Or, for that matter, France, whose president called the president of Syria to coordinate Security Council strategy, and whose interest in stopping the war is a matter of finance (to protect its huge contracts with Saddam Hussein) and vanity (to be the one European ex-power that tames the American cowboy).
I wish I could hide Krauthammer behind a movie poster, like Woody Allen does with Marshall McLuhan in Annie Hall, and pull him out whenever some fool starts spouting the received wisdom as gospel. It would save a lot of time to have that eloquence at hand.

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