Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The Picks: Like I've been paying attention. Dear god, I've been on vacation for the past few weeks, haven't even checked TMQ lately. The Steelers do not have the smell of destiny, that's true. But they may yet surprise the Titans. Look at the fourth quarter they put up against the Browns. I'll grant you, the Browns aren't the NFL benchmark -- neither were the Pats last year -- but they've put together an impressive year for what they had to work with. As for Pitt folding in the playoffs, I'll admit that. But the Titans, even when the touts are ... er, touting them, have suffered damnation even earlier. Eagles vs. Falcons? Look, even the Steelers hammered the Falcons. Okay, the game was a tie, but look at the numbers. If not for turnovers, it was a runaway game. And the Niners. Pittsburgh beat Tampa, too. Can't slag Pitt in one breath and then hype someone who choked to them. Oakland is looking for payback. The Jets are a comer, but I think they have years of bad joss to work off.

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