Thursday, November 11, 2004

Whiplash: TNR, which ignored or dismissed Kerry through much of the early primaries, only to get into a comfortable fellating position after he rebounded to win the nomination, has quickly distanced itself from the candidate. Editor Marty Peretz says . . . aw, screw it. You gotta read the whole thing. It is filled with backbiting ("Kerry (assisted by genius advisers like Bob Shrum and John Sasso) underperformed"), insults ("The only person I've known who really [personally likes Kerry] is David Thorne, the brother of his first wife and his classmate at Yale."), and instances of "just as I thought" and "as I expected" language ("Still, in the end, the nomination fell to Kerry, who, as I expected all along, duly lost the election to George W. Bush").

As they push Kerry away with both hands, TNR's editors should remember that they whored for Kerry these past six months, often nearly reduced to the level of calling Bush an ugly baby who was a burden to his mother. (And this is the magazine that endorsed Joe Lieberman, for chrissake! Only an idiot ever thought that, between Kerry and Bush, Kerry was the nearest to Lieberman's positions. I wouldn't be surprised if Rabbi Joe himself, all alone with Yahweh in the voting booth, pulled the lever for Dubya.) If I hadn't canceled my TNR subscription when they did their 180 on Kerry, I would have canceled it upon seeing them complete the 360. This kind of memory hole politics, with the I-told-you-so attitude, illustrates everything that is wrong with your party. Grow the f*ck up.

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Razor said...

Eno, I fear you lack nuance. See, TNR was only supporting Kerry for the good of the Party. He was "the lesser of two evils" so in an effort to tear down Bush, they support Kerry - but only because their arms were being twisted!

No, their preferred candidate, the one THEY would have chosen, and who clearly would have beaten W handily was, ummm...he was, I mean she know the one with the good argument on social security...remember, you know...with the suit...and the hair...ummm...