Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Talk about useless info: Just what you've always wanted, a searchable, sortable database of all salaries and payrolls for NFL teams and individual players for the years 2000-2003.

For instance you might like to know that Teyo Johnson, a TE for the Raiders in 2003, "only" made $225k in base salary that year. Ahhh, but did you know that his signing bonus counted for an additional $1,231,131 that year bringing his total compensation to $1,456,131? However, his cap value that year was only $430,188.

Then when you run a comparison to the other tight ends for that year, you see that while his total compensation was in the upper third, his cap value or "hit" was in the bottom third. And still the Raiders couldn't leverage this cap wizardry into a successful year, post- SuperBowl. This is need-to-know stuff people!

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