Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Done: Just back from the polling site, and all is calm. I expected to see picketers out front screaming and chanting and handing out pamphlets that call into question the oppostitions stand on the whole puppies/boiling oil issue. At least maybe some voter intimidation to worry about. Nope,everybody stood in line peacefully and made polite jokes about waiting in line. Slight drizzle.

I walked over to the designated elementary school with my roommate Seth and neighbor Ted. I voted Bush, as I declared I would. Seth voted Kerry, as a Bubsh hating sci-fi geek should. We cancel each other out, meaning Ted was the "battleground" vote in our party. I didn't ask who he was voting for. Didn't seem right, and politics takes a backseat to friendship at the end of the day.

Congrats, by the way to Eric Lindholm, whose site is getting a much deserved traffic boost these days. His workmanlike pace of posting is getting its reward.

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Razor said...

Eric is indeed prolific and insightful. He is also a one-trick pony. I suppose there's a need for that, but citing to polls showing a Bush win is about as useful as linking to polls that show a Kerry win. With a race in which the winner is going to probably have a margin of victory of 2% and no more than 10 electoral votes, is there anything really worth crowing about?

Eric is simply an attack dog, bent on foisting Kerry on his petards. Fine, but after a while, you lose reasons to go back only to read more of the same. It's why Sullivan is no longer interesting, and I agree with the guy.