Thursday, November 04, 2004

As Long As I'm Working the Shithead Beat: Can Alan Keyes go away too soon?
Alan Keyes blamed the media and fellow Republicans on Thursday for his lopsided loss to Democrat Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate race in Illinois.

Keyes also said he did not congratulate Obama after the race was called, a tradition among politicians, because doing so would have been a "false gesture" because he believes Obama's views on issues like abortion are wicked.

There's always someone else to blame, isn't there? Keyes needs top park his titanic ego and equally large store of self-righteousness and moral self-satisfaction for just a second. Talk about a Jesus complex. He's starting to make Eddie Vedder seem well adjusted and taking to the thorazine nicely, thanks.

Go home, Alan, and sit there with your diplomas, your ambassadorial credentials, and the deep, gnawing feeling that, despite your opinion of yourself and your high-flying rhetoric, you have done nothing in life but act like a pompous horse's ass.

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