Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Red vs. Blue - Redux: One of my more liberal friends sent me this link which re-draws our country's map to account not for geographic size, but population size. Many of we whining Dems have complained that while the Reds seems to account for the vast, vast majority of the states (and counties), this is only in geographic scope (i.e. Rhode Island is twice as big as Wyoming, population-wise). So, the above link is supposed to make us feel better.

It actually makes me feel worse, b/c no matter which way you contort things, the Dems lost, and if you use the squished map, you see that the Blues had every chance of pulling this thing out.

Moving on: I saw an especially odd piece on "Today" this morning as I was getting dressed, which highlighted the quid-pro-quo the Religious Right are going to demand from Bushie (i.e. only pro-life judges, more money for religious charities, etc.). The Today show tried to spin it by re-playing W's press conference after the count was over when he speaks much more about social security and bridging the gap between the parties, as opposed to any "moral" agenda. The voiceover posits that it is far from assured that he will be bowing down to the Baptists, et al.

Ha! People, this is called lip service. W is going to do his damndest to reward his friends and supporters, and there's really no reason why he shouldn't. A leopard doesn't change his spots. Get over it and move on with your sad, pathetic lives.

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