Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Idiocy of the day: Via Sullivan's email box
EMAIL OF THE DAY II: "I am a 25 year-old gay man, and I can't even describe how
saddened I am today by the re-election of President Bush and the numerous state
amendments banning gay marriage that were passed on election day. I'm not really
angry... just very sad and afraid. I don't know what country I live in anymore.
I thought this was the land of freedom. I thought I was free to pursue my own
happiness. But right now I feel like my country hates me. What is going on?"

Look, I'm sympathetic to the cause, and I was disappointed that many states enacted those laws yesterday. But are you for real? "I don't know what country I live in anymore?" Read American history, pal. Your country is more tolerant now than it ever has been of virtually any lifestyle choice you want to make, and more tolerant than and accomodating to your lifestyle than most places on this planet. And this one offers it along with a (usually) strong economy, (usually) safe borders, and regular opportunities to participate in the process of choosing the people who make those stupid laws. And best of all, you can jump ship anytime and move to one of the several states that either now or in the future allow you to marry whomever you like.

Do some people hate you? Yeah, probably. So what? Others don't, at least until you do something to deserve it.

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