Wednesday, November 20, 2002

That New York Times Editorial: Here's a summary that doesn't require you to give the NYT your demographics. Is it really "brazen discriminat[ion]" that Augusta, home of the Masters, does not allow women to be members? (Never mind. Enough bloggers out there can argue the Constitution better than I, and the Times actually admits to Augusta's freedom to associate, though with the implied suggestion that the Times be arbiter of which exercises of that freedom are "particularly regressive.") The truly sad part is the attempt to guilt Tiger into playing the race game, rather than the golf game. Rare kudos to Jesse Jackson for observing that the NYT is unfairly focusing on Woods. Of course, Jackson spoils it by making the obscene suggestion that Tiger is "too much a beneficiary of our struggles to be neutral." Get that, Tiger? The color of your skin makes you beholden to Jackson's "movement" of race baiters. Tiger didn't become the best golfer in the world through some affirmative action program, or a protest to allow this or that group into a private club. He became the best through sheer determination, hard work, and self-reliance. He's beholden to nobody, least of all to racial shell-game artists like Jesse.

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