Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Sour-Grapes-in-Chief: He doesn't get to be president. Then, at a time when every conservative and his dog has a bestseller, he can't get arrested with his book. Al Gore is looking more and more like Charlie Brown these days. Even funnier is the spin from his camp. Former flack (and moronic flack at that) Chris Lehane, asked why nobody is buying the Gore's book, tells Lloyd Grove (link via Drudge):
As long as Justice Scalia -- Judge Grinch -- does not have the Supreme Court rule that the Gores' book cannot be a stocking stuffer for the holidays, I am sure it will do well. Also, Bush should like the Gore picture book -- with all the photos, it is right up his alley, while the Woodward book seems to be a little long and dense for his type of a read.
Current spokesweasel Jano Cabrera essentially agreed with Lehane. This is why Gore doesn't get to be anything of consequence. He's tone deaf, his flacks are tone deaf, and they're politically stupid, nasty, and belittling in the bargain (but on Gore's orders, no doubt). Let's say you wanted to a) sell your book to the American people, and b) sell yourself to the American people two years from now. What sorts of things would you avoid doing? For one, I'd avoid making fun of a president who is popular, respected, and (if midterms are any indication) pretty good at turning out massive support.

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