Monday, November 18, 2002

Gyres: Recent poll of DNC members shows the 2004 nomination is anyone's game. Yes, Gore has a clear plurality, but only at 35%, and nearly half think he shouldn't run at all. Again, nearly half think it doesn't matter, believing their nominee will be simply cannon fodder for George W. Bush's machine. It's funny. Take the W. out of Bush's name and it's 1991 all over again, when you couldn't give away the Democratic nomination with some gum and baseball cards. Remember the SNL sketch of all the Dem frontrunners explaining why they would be more likely to lose, and thus should not be nominated? (Mario Cuomo: "I have mob ties!" Lloyd Bentsen: "I'm no Jack Kennedy!") But who was missing from the sketch? A certain Arkansan governor with the biggest liability of them all. I never trusted Bill Clinton, and I don't think he was much of a president. Credit where it's due, though: he took a losing horse and rode it to a win. Something for the Dems to consider...


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