Friday, November 22, 2002

Gore in Oh-Four: Rush Limbaugh had the same point to make about Gore and his alleged heart's desire for a state-wide recount. Try 3 or 4 counties in S. Fla. Another point Rush made (no not that Rush) Gore and the Dems in general is that until a candidate comes forward the GOP can monopolize the national debate for the next sixteen months. Moreover, and hold onto your hats, first up on the agenda in '03: healthcare for needy seniors and "right-sizing" the federal workforce. Won't look good for Dems to be seen fighting against elderly healthcare. The workforce issue they can take on (unions won't like it), but the Dems need an issue fast. Oh, and before you get worked up, I only listened to Rush between segments on NPR - the enemy you know is better than the enemy you don't.

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