Monday, November 18, 2002

SNL Cont.: There's no question that SNL was in the midst of one of its decennial renaissances in the early nineties. It had all of the big names when they still had their fastballs. Carvey, Hartman, even Nealon was good at times back then. When you look at them now (Hartman being the obvious case) you shudder. Carvey is doing movies with $10MM budgets and his stand-up is about growing old and having kids; Hartman...tragic, just tragic - probably the most talented of the bunch; Kind of like the NYPD Blue syndrome. Every single person (and I mean every) that has left that show has fallen on his/her face, or simply vanished. Caruso is back, but only by virtue of doing the same character, but while he wears pastels and lives on a boat with an alligator. Hmmm, do I have that right?

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