Friday, November 15, 2002

Hillary! Kaus advises that Gore's move to the left on health care is a boon to Hillary, allowing her to exorcise some of her health care demons by appearing moderate in contrast. The CW, though, is Gore in '04, Hill in '08 (which leads one to the very interesting picture of Hillary pulling the lever for W. in '04). Kaus, of course, is right. But there's more to it. Hillary still has four years to reinvent herself as a "stateswoman" in the Senate, then two more (an incomplete term, a high profile non-profit position, or a Lieberman-style fallback seat are possibilities) for good measure. Her challenge is a big one -- she has to push down her negatives in the polls, or she's faced with having to run such a vanilla presidential race that it would make Liddy Dole look like a wonk. Gore, in contrast, essentially needs to start running today, and thus is faced the task with distinguishing himself quickly. So Gore has less time, but he has a lot less to live down.

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