Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Snow Bowl? Stephen Hayes suggests that the NFL live up to its tough image and quit restricting the Super Bowl to warmer climes or domes. Criminy! What's next, being allowed to tackle a quarterback? Hayes rightly cites the '67 "Ice Bowl" in Green Bay as precedent for edge-of-the-seat football. Growing up as a Steeler fan, I loved the snow games, particularly when the Oilers came to town.

This link came courtesy of a reader who laments the status quo:
Should the Super Bowl be played in "the elements"? Absolutely. It would rejuvenate a game that has become better known for Doritos commercials and N'Sync than for good old fashioned "smash mouth football." Where are today's Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters, and Hogs? They manage to play in all kinds of weather from November through the playoffs, but the toughest of the tough, the conference champs, can't play in less than ideal weather. C'mon, people. Baseball players, the most pampered of all, play the World Series in cold weather, usually in NYC. The Cubs, Tigers, and Sox (Red and White), would all proudly host 3 or 4 series games, if they could get there. Let's see it happen.

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