Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wingnuts: Lileks.
Likewise the Little Red Book affair: okay, it didn’t happen. Granted. But if
Bush eavesdrops on people calling Al Qaeda cells in Pakistan, you know he has
plans to deport the Nation magazine’s subscriber base to labor camps in Kansas
and make them sew covers for Gideon Bibles. Sometimes a lie reveals a greater
truth. Just because “King Kong” is a movie doesn’t mean there aren’t monkeys,
somewhere. The lunatic right went through this in the 90s. Bill Clinton, as it
turned out, did not tie small children to railroad tracks in Mena, Arkansas to
cover up his world-wide cocaine-distribution syndicate. To the Clinton foes,
however, it was true in the macro sense. Somehow. It had to be. In the 90s these
people were marginal cranks, and no one listened to them. Today they’re on Air
America. So nothing’s changed, in other words.


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