Thursday, January 19, 2006

iPOD Zen: Much like your typical zen koan, one's iPod can provide deep, yet whimsical inspiration. Here's how: 1) Grab your iPod, 2) enable the shuffle feature for your songs, 3) randomly pick your first song, then, 4) advance to the next song, and 5) put the two titles together to see what you get. Here's a few good ones off of mine:

* Be Yourself; Lose Yourself / (AudioSlave); (Eminem)
* Everybody Knows; The Boxer / (Leonard Cohen); (Chemical Brothers)
* Blackout; Remind Me / (Muse); (Royksopp)
* Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing; One of These Days / (Chris Isaak); (Doves)
* Love and Longing; Optimistic / (Stellastarr); (Radiohead)
* Knives Out; Machine Gun Funk / (Radiohead); (Notorious B.I.G.)

And my favorite, because it's four in a row, and amazingly follows the storyline (for you Shakespeare fans) --

* She is Beautiful; You Choose; Romeo and Juliet; An Honest Mistake / (Andrew WK); (Pet Shop Boys); (Dire Straits); (The Bravery)

Anyway, not mind-blowing perhaps, but amusing and sometimes insightful.


enobarbus said...

Grab my what?

Razor said...

It's like a Victriola you can fit in your, take a look:

enobarbus said...

Victrola in one's pocket, eh? That's absurd, young man!

Razor said...

And no wax cylinders or discs!

enobarbus said...

All right, here goes: Er, "Great Gate of Kiev" (Modest Mussorgsky); "Broken Hearts are for Assholes" (Frank Zappa)

Wow, it works!

Razor said...

Pure Zen baby!

Anonymous said...

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