Friday, January 20, 2006

Money Well Spent: It only took 10 years and $21MM for a special prosecutor to determine that Cisneros underreported his income by doling out some of it to his mistress. I mean, for crissakes, this was a Clinton appointee! You think that just maybe he was doing shady things with a mistress?

The spin is that the special prosecutor had to take extra time because of a massive cover up by Cisneros' former friends and colleagues, and so then, more time and money had to be spent to investigate the cover up itself. By that logic, could the investigation ever end?

Oh, and the outcome of all this? A $10,000 fine by Cisneros with a guilty plea to a misdemeanor -- all other charges dropped because the mistress was an untrustworthy witness. Imagine that! But still, the "investigation" continued for another six years so that the cover up could be adequately "investigated".

The most important question is of course, how do I get one of these jobs? I think I should be appointed special prosecutor to investigate special prosecutions -- a lifetime appointment, don't you think?

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