Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Some Alito Thoughts: Listening to the hearings when I can, some things are quite clear. First, and most obvious, is that Ted Kennedy's questions were written for him by a staffer. Anytime he tries to go off the board, it's clear he has no real understanding of the underlying concepts. (Much like his collegiate study of Spanish.)

Pat Leahy is a giant blowhard. If he spent any more time talking about himself, we'd have to bring down the houselights and cue the piano music.

Chuck Grassley sounds like he's in a hostage video. But at least his questions are short and to the point.

Alito's membership in CAP is a problem, considering he's pulling the old "no recollection" excuse. Other than that, if you think this guy's out of the "mainstream," you're living in a box somewhere, likely either in your own filth beneath an interstate overpass or at a teaching post at a major university (filth optional).

One more thing: Since I'm not watching, I'm not sure what the hell's going on in that room, but could someone pass around some f*cking cough drops?

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