Thursday, January 19, 2006

Three Amigos: For what it's worth, the three GOP yahoos running for majority leader in the house had op-eds in the WSJ this week. Golly, wouldn't you know it, they're all, each one of 'em, shocked, shocked, at the kind of reckless spending that's been going on the the branch of government that their party controls. They are, to a man, opposed to pork, lobbyists, and whatever else you hate this week, goddammit.

I rest easy tonight knowing that one of these sawed-off bastards will be there to continue to ride the GOP into minority status. Hell, they'd be there already if the Dems weren't led by that halfwit Pelosi, who's starting to channel Newt, in politics if not policy.

I give up. Who wants a beer?

1 comment:

Razor said...

Ooh me! Although I'd rather do a body shot off of Pelosi...rowwwwrwr!!

I will now bathe in Clorox....