Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Razor's Next Governor? Via AP:
Former Steelers star Lynn Swann declared his candidacy for Pennsylvania governor Wednesday in the city where he made his name in professional football.

He told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday afternoon that he made up his mind to run in the fall, after spending months weighing support at events around the state.

And he's a Republican, too.
Swann said Wednesday that he hopes to convince blacks that he is a better candidate than [Ed] Rendell, the former Philadelphia mayor. The Democratic Party has "taken the African American vote for granted," Swann said.
As a commenter here notes, anyone aiming to give Swann the treatment Maryland's Michael Steele got should make sure to be at least in Harrisburg.


Razor said...

It's not a big deal that he's running, what is a big deal is the media assuming it's worth making a big deal about! What this is really about is the fight for PA between the Rendell east coast (of PA) liberals, and the more conservative mid-westerners (of PA) that complain they don't have a voice. Swann is just a guy to energize the base -- trust me, he's not going to win.

enobarbus said...

No, not when the Democrats can bring 47% of the dead people in Chester county to the polls.

Don't forget, though, that this is a state that not only can go GOP statewide, it often does. Occasionally, the Republican they elect is actually conservative -- though not often.