Monday, January 16, 2006

Some Quick Hits: How I feel about my commonwealth, expressed quite well.

I think Radley's analysis is right on. But I'm happier about it than he is. Go Steelers!

Aussie O? Haven't watched a whipstitch of it yet, but no real surprises yet despite the "upset" headlines after day one. (Beating a Williams sister is no longer an upset, and early exits by ranked clay courters are expected.) Razor, your Henman pick in round one was bold. Bold, I tells ya. Adios.

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Razor said...

Fucking English fancyboy. At least I survived the womens' side (thus far). I picked Mirza for Round 2.

Henman -- he's almost always good for the 4th round in a Slam, but I suppose age and his myriad other weaknesses have caught up with him. Ahhh well.