Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ljubicic!: Ljubicic...Ljubicic. Cursed be thy name! What/who is Ljubicic, you say? Why he is none other than the man who nearly single-handedly defeated the U.S. Davis Cup team, comprised of none other than Rddick, Agssi, and the Bryn twins (all spelling in honor of our Croatian daddy) ... on our home soil - the first time in 105 years of play.

Sad, but this is the way of American involvement in non-paying sporting events. See our sad efforts in basketball in Athens last summer as a prime example. Want more? Go watch the Ryder Cup. It's not enough to send the best players anymore...they have to want to win. And, let's face it, Rddick isn't about to stress a hammy going for a wide shot in a Davis Cup match...despite Pat McEnre's exhortations.

Nay, these international tests are the domain of the small, vowel-less central European nations, and their vowel-plenty S. American bretheren. These teams (and indeed, they are teams) play for pride, because their hometowns actually give a crap. Please, all who actually knew Davis Cup play was going on right now, raise your hand....I'll wait....thought so. You were all glued to the latest development in the Martha Stewart or Michael Jackson saga.

Nonetheless, Ljubicic Croatian Daddy would be a great name for a rock band. H/T Dave Barry.

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