Thursday, March 24, 2005

Airbrushed Out: This is kind of funny.
There’s a mysterious item from yesterday’s Mediaweek about Lizz Winstead’s departure from Air America Radio, the liberal station she helped build and for which she co-hosted Unfiltered with Chuck D and Rachel Maddow . . . Lizz has been virtually erased from the Unfiltered page, replaced, it seems, with Maddow’s adorable chocolate lab, Brewster. We’re big dog fans, but we’re also huge fans of Lizz’s work. You may have heard of a little show she co-created for Comedy Central back in the day. (Hmmm, wonder if that thing’s still on the air.)
It's a really strange thing about socialists: Whether they're overseeing the Warsaw Pact or just running a freaking radio show, the inconvenient and the insufficiently loyal go down the memory hole. What will you bet that she's been airbrushed from the pics taken at last year's Air America Kwanzaa party?

More: What else was there to the "Unfiltered" show? Maddow has gone from charming to insufferable in record time. And how often does Chuck D. even show up? His role seemed to have some kind of union no-show flavor to it. When he did show up, his job seemed to be to make ludicrous statements and ill-informed pronouncements, like some kind of jester for the white chicks. It was kind of degrading for a guy who at least appeared to take the pre-hajj Malcolm X thing literally.

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