Monday, March 07, 2005

Cover Girls? I mentioned to a friend the other day that a lot of anti-Syrian protesters in Lebanon are very attractive. Every story I looked at had at least one picture of a woman who could send a supermodel home to cry in her push-up bra. I'm not the only one who noticed, apparrently. Glenn rounds up some newsmags who are catching the "hotties for democracy" trend. Even the Connie is on board!

More: I have a friend in Beirut (a young, handsome, Westernized Muslim, and a bit of a ladies' man) who I'm sure saw some of these pictures and decided to, er, go out and agitate for freedom. Sound mercenary? How many of us would not have been born if dad hadn't been just a little on the make when he first met mom at MLK's 1964 march in DC?


Razor said...

I think you've just explained the failure of the "Free Tibet" movement. Ever see the women driving those 1988 Subarus with the bumper-stickers?

enobarbus said...

Ever see them? Hell, they constitute an actual majority in my town.