Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Post-game analysis: And no, I'm not talking baseball.

I haven't watched any pundits or read any blogs, so this is pretty raw. I think Bush did very well, at least on the human side. The CW was that domestic issues would be his achilles heal, that he had to make his big hit in the first debate on foreign policy. I doubted this all along, since Bush is really at his best talking "American Values" that play well when talking economic growth, education, etc. He was weak, expectedly so, on trade and lacked any specifics on education. I don't agree with him on gay marriage, either, but it's not really a voting issue for me (although Eno's accused me of being a little bit "Metro"), but Kerry's really no different.

Bush did hit home a little, though, when saying that the issue ought not be decided by courts. True, but Congress ain't much better and it's not an issue I want to see solved by Constitutional ammendment. Leave it in the states, I guess. I know that opens up a whole can of worms, but I'm not going there tonight.

Kerry, on the other hand, is all smoke and mirrors. I just don't hear anything from him that makes me say, "I could vote for this guy." I certainly don't buy him talking the fiscal conservative game, and all the rest is either nitpicking Bush on (over)funding this program or the other, or trashing an economic/jobs status that is better than expected after a burst bubble and an economically destructive terrortist attack. Doesn't ring with me.

As for who won the debate, as I said, I think both guys were on their game. The talking points were coming fast and furious and neither guy got flustered badly or got in a home-run line. A pitcher's duel, so to speak. And did I mention that the Yankees won?

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