Monday, October 18, 2004

Clerks Clash with Conservative Cohorts: Apparently this month's Vanity Fair will feature a tell-all by some of the clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court justices as to the behind-the-scenes shennanigans engaged in by the Court during the Bush v. Gore cases. Smell the outrage!
“We feel that something illegitimate was done with the Court’s power, and such an extraordinary situation justifies breaking an obligation we’d otherwise honor,” one clerk told the magazine. “Our secrecy was helping to shield some of those actions.”

Now, if these clerks had some evidence of Karl Rove sneaking envelopes of Benjamins to Rhenquist late at night, then I'd say there was something worthy of publication. But the fact that these clerks are spilling their guts years after the event, only to express their un-solicited opinions, and that VF is publishing only to coincide with this election, stinks to high-heaven of the bias of which main stream media so vehemently denies exists.

Even for me, this is ridiculous.

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