Thursday, October 28, 2004

Anyway: Blogger just ate another post and is now moving with an alacrity that would make molasses look like Grand Prix racing. (Eaten post, briefly: is it soooooo over for REM or what?) These are my thoughts (although I may revise or extend them) until we have voted, or not, as the spirit moves us.

I don't need to tell the grown-ups out there the old saw that it's all about turnout. That old hackneyed piece of pundit-shit is . . . well, it's true, actually. I think Kerry's got the turnout advantage, on paper, based on the kind of anti-Bush sentiment rolling around. (It will quite an irony if Kerry cannot harness the Bush hatred and ride it to Pennsy Ave. If anyone can blow this, Kerry can.) Then again, long about 1984, everybody seemed to think Reagan was evil, a cretin, a warmonger, and/or a dolt with a Svengali wife; plus everyone in Europe hated his guts; and Ron had just pulled a trick in Lebanon that made Bill Clinton's Somalia bug-out look like a cooly considered decision; and on top of that Reagan had bowed to congress and agreed to re-raise taxes, thus pissing his conservative base all to hell. And the Gipper stomped Mondale with 49-state brutality. You just never f*ckin' know, do you?

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millersam said...

Did President Bush capture Osama Bin Laden?
He had 3 years time.