Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Envelope, Please: Just thought I throw out some off-the-cuff kudos for election year blogging, some that just came to me and some that I've been mulling over.

First, let's get to Best Performance by a Conservative: Eric Lindholm (aka Viking Pundit) has been on John Kerry's ass from jump city, and has done so with style as well as substance, ticking off Kerry's absences from the senate and his silly windsurfing-intellectual attempts to be unsquare. The blogosphere has rightwing commentary coming out its ears, and so much of it is awful stale retreading of what the NY Post's or JWR's columnists said today. Lindholm's stuff is pithy and fresh.

Biggest 180 of the Campaign Award goes to Sullivan, of course, who has formally endorsed Kerry. He's a good writer, Sullivan, but he's been a fart in the windstorm for the past year. For three and a half years, all we heard was "Bush gets it," over and over, comparing the president, more than once, to the original JFK. Sure, it hasn't been a great year to be a gay conservative. But Kerry represents everything Sullivan has railed against for three years. He's full of shit if he expects us to belive that he's suddenly found Kerry's nuanced positions credible.

Where Are They Now Award: Radley Balko gets this, hands down. He hasn't posted at his normal (read: frenetic) pace for quite some time, preferring instead to drop Mercutio's curse and offer links to his big league writings. His neo-prohibition article for Cato was, by the way, a fasciniating read, despite a title ("Back Door to Prohibition:
The New War on Social Drinking" -- needs an exclamation point or six) that made it sound like a hyperventilationist screed. But I miss the guy who could blog about Milton Friedman, John Hiatt, the Pacers, and the crappy life in DC in two paragraphs, no sweat.

I'm My Own Parodist: This one, stewing for a long time, is a bespoke award for Glenn Reynolds. Surely you've seen the satires of the professor's breezy, "indeed"-laden, "could-be-but-I'm-not-sure style. Some days it seems that Glenn is trying to outdo his parodists. Oddly, his MSNBC cheezblog typically has more actual protein.

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