Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ovitz Update 1: Well, it's day 2 of operations under the skillful guidance of Mr. Ovitz. We didn't have any posting yesterday as Mr. Ovitz (he prefers a more formal moniker) and I had to hash out a variety of details, such as business cards, a full-scale media blitz announcing his arrival, and well, the umm, no more mentioning of the "Sensitive Matter"(which, due to its sensitive nature, I cannot elaborate, except to say it has something to do with follicles or the lack thereof - I've already said too much).

Today has been a bit slow as I've had to run a few errands, you know, just to get Mr. Ovitz acclimated and to let him focus on his job at hand. Dry cleaners, Starbucks (twice actually, see, "double soy does not mean one-and-a-half soy" - my mistake, totally), and some Chinese herbalist (see "Sensitive Matter" above). However, with those things out of the way, I'm totally committing the next three or four hours to...oh...ummm, okay, I have to run. Forgot about the car wash. Catch you all after lunch, for sure...

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