Monday, August 16, 2004

FauxPolitik: A magisterial tour-de-force, with a coruscating cracking pace...: Funny article on the language used by book editors and reviewers when distilling a book down to its essentials, so that the book can be instantly categorized and processed (i.e. chicklit, britfic, killerchiller, etc.).

Known as "reviewese", it's the industry shorthand for those who, ironically I suppose, don't have time to really read through something to come to an understanding of it. Sort of like giving a pitch on a movie you want to produce: "It's like Die Hard meets Moulin Rouge, with a touch of The Station Agent, you know?".

Anyway, you'll never read a book jacket the same way again.

Linkprops: A&L Daily - a darkly earnest, heady mix of penetrating insights, if there ever was one (see how much fun that is?).

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