Monday, August 23, 2004

I assume this is how it went down:

Ass't. Curator: "Hey boss, you know that world-famous painting, "The Scream" that we have in our lobby?"

Curator: *sigh* "Yes, what of it man?"

A.C.: "Well, in curator school one of the first things they told us was to purchase this thing called ummm, theft insurance, for the collections, and especially for renowned pieces like this one. Also, you know, this one was stolen before."

C: "Yes, well, I'm sure they teach you all kinds of neat things at curator school, but I am off to the Lagerfeld Fall Collection show. Ta."

A.C.: "But,...but..." Slumps off into his closet-sized office.

Silly curator school.


A.To said...

Hm. You are fucking hilarious. I thought you should know.

Razor said...

Flattery will get you everywhere, which in the case of this blog, is pretty much nowhere, but your sentiment is nonetheless appreciated (unless, of course, you were being sarcastic, in which case, thank you soooooooo much for your super, duper kind words. You're the best!) So, you choose (oh, I hope she picks the right one!!).