Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Masthead Change at FauxPolitik: Our loyal readers have no doubt noticed a paucity of posting of late. Our once earnest up-start, Flyer, has essentially ceased to exist (blogwise that is). Enobarbus, who last month spoke of a changing work environment and the need for a much-deserved "vacation" has apparently been unable to wrest himself from the Craps tables at Foxwood. Remember, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Eno, I'm ready to listen, when you're ready to talk.

So, in an effort to shore up our operations, I've invited Michael Ovitz (former head of CAA [note the classic, understated elegance of its webpage], former No. 2 at Disney [note the classic, understated...ummm, well]) to take over the strategic vision of FauxPolitik, so I can focus more on quality and quantity of posting, bringing you the unique mix of politics and pop culture, that you've come to rely on.

When Michael first approached me about the job, I was taken aback. Did he really have the availability and more importantly, desire, to devote himself to the behind-the-scenes operations, while leaving the limelight to yours truly? But then, it seems, he has some time on his hands. And no fear of a gay mafia here, nipping at his heels, trying to thwart his much-deserved comeback - after all, Sullivan is on vacation.

But what about his lavish tastes? You've heard of his near-obsession with office re-decoration, hipster parties on the company dime, and personal jets. While FauxPolitik has a healthy ROI, it's due in large measure to my steady hand at cost control, keeping the investors happy without sacrificing quality. Could this marriage work, or was I being blinded by the bling?

Well, like in professional sports, it's about winning now. I knew that we could do fine and well plodding along in the middle tier of blogs, showing steady, if non-dazzling growth, but to make it to the Show, to the Big Time...in short to be like VodkaPundit, we needed Vision, and Vision, my friends, don't come cheap - and more importantly, I needed an invite to next year's Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Ovitz was my man.

We did a two-year deal, with renewals built in, stock options, Spago account, and AmEx Centurion Card. I.M. Pei was not available on short notice for the new headquarters, but we're taking bids.

It's an exciting time here at FauxPolitik, I hope you enjoy the ride. I'll provide exclusive "back room" updates from time-to-time, but for all the change, things will stay the same: Same insight, same humor, same love. Give it up for M-Ov!

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