Monday, August 30, 2004

Mr. Ovitz likes chocolate-pistachio-biscotti, not pecan: Wheeww, where to begin? Week 2 of our management re-vectoring (Mr. Ovitz's term) is underway and with Enobarbus still missing in action, ol' Razor has been running around trying not only to put up at least a few posts here and there, but keep the biscotti-maker (Mr. Ovitz assures me there is a tax benefit to it somewhere) running in an efficient, Six-Sigma manner. I saw the pistachio on sale, in bulk, at BJ's and figured, "Hey, Mr. Ovitz will appreciate my thriftiness." Well, as he likes to say: "That idea was somewhere on the spectrum between stupid and fucking stupid." But, he always smiles when he says this, so I know he's just busting, like colleagues do to one another occasionally.

Mr. Ovitz and I thought it would be good for me to spend just fifteen minutes or so today on posting and keep most of my focus on special ordering the Maybach with the platinum inlays, not the white gold. It's just that, well, that's another $15,000, and we've already spent our projected ten-year budget in the past two weeks, and ummm...well, it doesn't do to complain too loudly to Mr. Ovitz...he says the "whine tones" disrupt his chakras.

Still, I know that once we have all the necessary equipment in place, and the atmosphere to his liking, Mr. Ovitz will be ready to come into the office and get us that link to Instapundit he promised. Mr. Ovitz said he and Reynolds are "sympatico" as they both attend the Kabbalah Centre pretty regularly.

Ohh, there's the timer, it's important to get the biscotti before they get too "toothy". I'll post soon with some really cutting-edge stuff ... you're gonna love it.

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