Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Non-Story Dead: R-Fed destroys Henman -4, -0, -2. Stick a fork in Hennie -- if he can't make it here, he can't make it anywhere (apologies to Frank). Much was being made of Henman's actual winning record over Federer leading up to this match, but I suspect most of those wins came either at Wimby or in tune-ups about 3-4 years ago. Anyway, no other seeds faced any considerable trouble.

Agassi is getting the hero's send-off, as he should. Who would have guessed, say 12-13 years ago, that the Vegas Bad Boy would now be a) hairless, b) playing long after Sampras hung it up, c) married to Graf [still a stunner], and d) tennis' ambassador??? Not your humble scribe, that's for sure.

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