Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Been a Rough Week in Western PA: Sure the Ben R story was pretty bad -- but all in all, it was his own damn fault for not wearing a helmet. If he chooses to be an idiot, then he gets to pay the consequences.

But this....this is just too much.

I'm quickly losing faith in humanity.


enobarbus said...

You don't have a moment to comment on a major tournament, but you can find time to discuss Big Ben using his chin as a bumper?

As for Rolling Rock -- sigh -- I have many a fond memory of the painted bottle . . . actually, as I reflect on it, I'm a little foggy on most of those memories.

Wait a sec . . . shit, did I really do that? Without pants? What the hell could I have been thinking?

Razor said...

Any tournament where Nadal beats Federer isn't a major tournament.

Seriously though -- I was on trial last week and mega-busy. I go on vacation next week, so enjoy me while you have me!!

enobarbus said...

What were you on trial for?

The usual?

Flyer said...