Friday, June 16, 2006

If it's Friday, this must be a mojito: No, just coffee. The past couple weeks have been pretty hectic, so here's a quick rundown: Michelle Wie still hasn't won anything and proved that when the sponsor's aren't holding the door open, she can't get on the course with the men; Big Ben finally got his head examined, just not in time so do him much good (I'm glad he seems okay, but if he misses one mini-camp I say they start fining him $10,000 a day); al-Zarqawi lost the big game of tag (you're it, no tag-backs, and enjoy your 72 raisins).

Went to Miami on Wednesday and got fried on $9 mojitos (Miami can now officially be cut off from the continent as far as I'm care - what a shit hole). Then went back to the hotel, ate a $50 steak sandwich and passed out. Got rewarded for my genius with a canceled flight home yesterday and an 8 hour wait for a new plane to be brought in, from China, apparently. Now I'm packing to drive to Cleveland for a college friend's wedding. I'm sticking to beer. Maybe they'll have Rolling Rock.


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