Monday, June 05, 2006

And the Ladies': Who thought Martina Hingis would be in the QF at the French? Well, she's unlikely to go much farther, facing Clijsters -- and then Henin-Hardenne, if she's lucky enough to survive Big Kim.

Kusnetsova, too, seems out of her depth. She's never done as well on clay as on pavement, and she didn't have to face Sharapova this year.

So it would seem to be either Kim or Justine taking on whichever Williams sister bothered to show up this year. Yes, Venus is always a threat, but the world of female tennis finally learned a few years ago that if you can hang in on some of Venus's first serves, and really pound her second serves back at her the way Justine does, you find that her game has no depth. Notice that once Justine figured this out, Venus decided she'd rather pursue fashion ... or film ... or ... what is it again that takes her away from tennis?

As for Miss Ana-Lena Groenefeld, I don't know a damn thing about her.

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