Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Let The Real Games Begin (once it stops raining): It's raining everywhere. That can only mean that it's Wimbledon time. Break out your berries and cream and follow along with Razor as he handicaps the tourney:


Here's who won't win: Nadal, Roddick, Hewitt, Blake, Robredo. Nadal hasn't proven himself off of clay, and I just don't see it. Roddick may very well be done for. Blake -- he's got moxie, but I don't see him winning a major whilst R-Fed is alive.

Here's who could win: Nalbandian, Ljubicic, Ancic, Agassi (never underestimate this guy although his body is telling him that he'll be lucky to make it to Flushing Meadows)

Here's who will win
: Federer. He's motivated and he's good. Plus he has history on his side.

Biggest Non-Story: Henman. Sorry, but that ship has foundered long ago.

Biggest Story: Probably Agassi who I think might make it interesting.


Here's who won't win: Mauresmo, Clijsters, Dementieva (no serve), Myskina (I don't know that she can play anymore -- something happened to her after winning the French a few years ago).

Here's who could win
: Justine, Sharapova, Hingis (who knows, maybe she makes this her coming out party -- er, coming out again party?),

Here's who will win: Venus -- she's due to play well. She loves Wimby, they love her -- Serena's not around to bother her, and I have to think pride pulls her through.

Biggest Non-Story: The expected Russian domination of the game -- where have they gone?

Biggest Story
: Wimby cutting out the low-cut tops on the women. Why don't we just put them in bloomers while we're at it?

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