Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Show! That's the spirit, Razor. After blogging the French nearly solo, I briefly feared you'd be out of commission for The Championships (capital T, capital C) as well.

Best that I not waste time disputing your picks, as they are wise -- on the men's side, anyway. Roger is surely the best grass player out there, and a tough loss at the French doesn't seem to have lingered with him. That said, presented with the betting proposition "Nadal will beat Federer at Wimbledon before Federer beats Nadal at Roland Garros," I would look my money over very carefully before choosing a side.

Some points of note: The Brits could not pull off their annual feat of mathematical legerdemain this year -- a seeding for Henman.

Tough to believe Lleyton Hewitt won here in 2002 -- seriously! The big name in his draw is fellow "what-the-hell-happened?" Andy Roddick. Lleyton won the Stella (That's "Stella!" to Flyer) Artois, so maybe he's back in business.

Roddick, on the other hand, has won cazzo this year. He turns 24 before the U.S. Open -- not Methuselah, to be sure, but certainly time to think about not ending up with that single major on your shelf. 15 years on, pretty much everyone spells Michael Chang's name F-L-U-K-E.

That other Andy -- Andy Murray -- went through Nicolas Massu like a Sidewinder missle. True, Massu is not . . . er, not a grass player's grass player, you might say. But he's a veteran, a journeyman, and he got dusted by the gangly British kid in straight sets. Many a British heart went pitter pat. Tim who?

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